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Executive Functioning Skills Academic Coaching


*** Patti Schabinger, M.Ed.

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Executive functioning training and academic coaching services offered by Patti and Dr. Paul Schabinger strive to encompass the needs of the whole person including children, teenagers, and adults.

Learning strategies are incorporated into multi-sensory lessons presented in a positive, supportive environment. Knowledge gaps are addressed and executive skills taught to improve an individual's

 approach and completion of tasks. Dr. Paul Schabinger, a retired Radiation Oncologist, assists students in acquiring math and science skills by breaking down steps, using manipulatives, and providing reference sheets to demonstrate ideas and to unlock complex concepts. Students often feel relief and empowerment when they move from confusion to understanding. 

Patti Schabinger, a teacher for over thirty years and a Certified Learning Specialist, focuses on tasks requiring reading, writing, grammar, and executive skills including history, English, and other subjects. Patti's extensive experience and training in general and special education, specifically Learning Disabilities/Differences, has especially helped her to effectively teach students of all abilities including those with characteristics of gifted talents, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and dyslexia. Time management, goal setting, planning, prioritizing, and organization strategies help increase productivity, mindset,

 and life balance. Self-esteem rises when anxiety decreases. SMART goals and action plans produce results with consistent practice along with a positive, growth mindset!

"Patti inspired me to get straight A's for the first time in my life. She is very patient and organized during tutoring."

 Holly H. (college junior) 

" Patti not only brought me from a B to an A

 student in writing, but she gave me so much confidence in my writing ability. "

Jeff L. (high school senior)

Standardized Test Prep - ACT, SAT Building Skills and Strategies


Test Preparation for the ACT, SAT, and other standardized tests provides students with lifelong essential skills in reading, English, math, science, and writing. Handouts reinforce skills and knowledge gaps are addressed leading to increased scores and confidence.

Students with learning differences, anxiety, ADHD, and gifted individuals learn comprehensive skills and strategies to perform well on exams. Lessons are taught in an encouraging environment with one-to-one attention tailored to each student. Patti has over twenty years experience working with children with many levels and abilities often consulting with families if accommodations are needed. Patti expertly teaches reading, writing, and English skills. Dr. Paul Schabinger, a retired Radiation Oncologist, breaks down skills into manageable learning segments using worksheets, graphic aids, and sample problems to teach math and science. Patti and Paul have helped many students raise their test scores significantly resulting in increased scholarships and admissions to colleges across the U.S.A.

"Patti worked hard to help me find techniques and methods I was comfortable using on the ACT English and reading sections.  As a result, my English score saw a four(4) point increase, and my reading section saw a ten(10) point increase!  In addition, Paul helped me increase my math score four(4) points, and my science score four(4) points as well.  Both Patti and Paul worked extensively to help me feel prepared and comfortable while taking my last ACT. I was very pleased with the results!"

Christopher H. (Rising High School Senior)

"Patti was the gateway to my success with my ACT. Every sheet she gave me to help me learn was filled with beneficial knowledge, which led to my end result and score.  I could not have done it without Patti's motivation and stylistic techniques to learn, practice, and achieve on the ACT. Every time I walked into a session with Patti, I knew how much progress I was making, and at the end of 60 minutes, I walked out with an optimistic feeling of security and new knowledge. Patti is inspirational and makes one strive to learn. Her passion and teachings bring out the success and potential in others."

Lauren S. ( High School Junior)

College Planning and Admissions

Expert guidance and planning helps students and familiesthrough high school, test prep, college sear

Expert guidance through the admissions and application process by a professional Independent Educational Consultant with over twenty years experience helps to decrease stress while planning for college.  Advice and direction are offered for course selection, test prep, college search, applications, interviews, essays, majors, college visits, financial aid, transition to college strategies, timelines, and deadlines. Educational placement counseling offers assistance for parents and students to help narrow down postsecondary educational choices and simplify the application process. 

Through detailed questioning, presentation of college data, and other insights into public and private universities/colleges, students are able to make informed selections for their future educational path. Standardized tests such as the PSAT, ACT, SAT, SAT ll Subject tests, and A.P. exams may be reviewed for their importance and role in admissions.  Essays, personal statements, interviews, campus visits, housing, and financial aid are topics covered in discussions.  Handouts and college materials clarify numerous questions. Current topics from workshops, conferences, and meetings are shared including postsecondary choices for students with specific majors or pre-professional goals, special needs, gap years, summer programs, finding the fit, transitioning to college, and study skills for college students.