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                         Patti Schabinger, M. Ed.
                   Independent Educational Consultant
         College Planning, Search, Applications, Essays
              Certified Learning Specialist and Teacher
          Specializing in Gifted, ADHD, Learning Differences,
           Executive Functioning Skills, Learning Strategies 

      ~ Guiding families to find the best college match ~ 
                     North Shore and Suburban Chicago
         Academics, College Planning, Executive Skills



College Choices
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Leading Institutions
Logical Fit
Executive Skills Training
Gather Information
Essay Assistance

         As president and founder of College Comprehensive Consulting LLC, Patti Schabinger offers individualized college planning and advice in a comfortable home setting.  Thorough interviews and attention to detail increase the likelihood of a correct college placement and academic success. Exploring requirements of various majors and learning about current career trends helps students make educated decisions to find the right college. Interests, preferences, and abilities are considered to find the best college match.

        Patti works with students to create timelines for taking standardized tests and for completing college applications to keep students on track. Essay assistance with brainstorming and revisions reduces stress and clarifies necessary elements. Options for interviewing practice and suggestions for transitioning to college are also offered.

        Feedback on sessions is available to parents and collaboration is encouraged. Gifted students and students with learning differences are supported with information about options to best meet their needs, interests, and preferences in the college search.  Patti Schabinger’s professional background as an experienced classroom and special education teacher, provides a strong foundation for educational consultations.  In addition to college consulting, Patti Schabinger is a Certified Learning Specialist who has worked with students of all ages to help them enhance their executive functions, academics, and self-confidence to be successful in school and in their personal life.

           Patti Schabinger frequently receives referrals from consultants, teachers, health professionals, and parents due to the effectiveness of her college consulting, teaching strategies, continued professional development, and highly personalized instruction. Patti’s patient and caring style enables her to help young adults make sense of the college application process to find the best fit for their postsecondary education. Additional services include tutoring in academics, test prep, college readiness, and executive functioning skills to boost students’ knowledge base and qualifications for college.         

         Visits throughout the year to college campuses around the United States provide this consultant with insights to be able to recommend appropriate colleges for students. Attending campus information sessions, going on college tours, and talking with admissions officers help to facilitate college planning. Utilizing extensive planning along with continuing education through conferences, workshops, webinars, and study groups, Patti Schabinger promotes academic, behavioral, and emotional growth during the college preparation process. A wide variety of strategies and methods builds on students’ strengths and addresses their needs. 

        Abundant resources provide information to help students and their families find the best college match while working together as a team with Patti guiding their search. Current research, detailed planning, and best practices are used throughout the process to find a best fit while reducing stress and tension at home.  As an individual’s confidence and achievements build during high school, he/she begins a path to future success! Patti is available to answer questions and work together with families to achieve a successful college placement.

                                Patti Schabinger, M. Ed.
                   Certified Learning Specialist and Teacher
                       Independent Educational Consultant
                        College Planner,  Academic Coach
                       North Shore and Suburban Chicago  mailto:pschab2@yahoo.commailto:pattischabinger@gmail.comshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1
“Knowledge is power.”

Francis Bacon

“Mrs. Schabinger deserves the highest recommendation possible”

                                                                                                              Dr. AES

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the care and attention Patti has provided my son.”

                                                                                                                Laura M.

“Patti is hardworking, intelligent, a good communicator, and trustworthy.”  “I  would

certainly recommend Patti for any task where enthusiasm, hard work, and compassion are valued.”                

                                                                                                                         Ruthann S.

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