“Patti Schabinger has been instrumental in helping my son with ACT prepping and college planning. We started working with Patti during my son’s junior year. She helped with preparing for the ACT. Patti and her husband, Paul, helped my son with his weaker subjects on the ACT test. They would give him homework assignments and practice tests to work on. Anytime my son felt he was struggling with a certain topic they were there to encourage and boost his morale. He felt very confident when it came time to take the test.

Patti was very helpful with the college planning process, too. She had my son take a test to see what types of careers would be best for him. Patti also prepared him on how to research colleges, how to plan a college visit, and what to look for specifically. The college data sheets Patti provided us helped us narrow our list of colleges to visit and where to apply. She always told my son to expand his options for colleges. Patti

said it was ok for him to have a list of schools that were small, midsize, and large. We had A LOT of questions when we were applying to colleges and Patti was very helpful and quick to answer all of them.  Patti also provided us with many ways to apply for scholarships, too!

My son looked forward to seeing Patti on a weekly basis. He really looked up to her and took what she said with GREAT value! Patti was very patient and helpful with my son when he became anxious about his ACT test and applying to colleges. Patti really

LOVES what she does and really cares about the student. Patti wants them to succeed.  Patti showed my son how to take responsibilities for things and to always plan ahead. Patti was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC when it came time to respond to emails and did it QUICKLY!!!! This was always our best way of communicating. Patti was really there for me as a mom when I needed some advice especially when I felt that my son just didn’t want to listen to what I had to say.

My son has applied to ten colleges and has been accepted to ALL of them!  We have even received numerous scholarships!  Patti is still involved with helping us figure out how to narrow the list of colleges to consider for acceptance. I can see us always keeping in touch some way during my son’s next four years away at school, too!

Patti...thank you for all of your continued support. We will forever be grateful!”

                                                Maria F. (parent)

“Thank you so much, Patti! Both my son and I really enjoyed working with you!  Your assistance has been invaluable!

I highly recommend Patti as a college consultant and someone who can guide families through the entire college application process.  Patti brings out the best writing in students and encourages learning while at the same time raising their self-esteem. My son is really happy with his college choices! I am absolutely thrilled my son was accepted to his reach colleges but also thrilled they want to have him there. Starting the college process early in high school and continuing to keep pace and stay on task was definitely key.  Due to his intense hockey schedule, there would have been no way my child could do all the requirements for college applications including the supplemental essays, which needed to be written, once senior year started.

Patti worked with my son on academics, writing, test prep, and college planning. One-on-one help allowed him to fill in knowledge gaps. The private instruction not only improved my son’s grades, but also built his confidence tremendously, especially in writing.  Patti started my son writing essays for college applications the summer before senior year, which lightened the load for the fall with his busy school schedule and extracurriculars. 

Patti pays very close attention to details, so my son’s applications were perfect with no grammar errors or other oversights.  Patti is a phenomenal writer, and she teaches students how to improve their writing while increasing their awareness of grammar and sentence structure.  Once my son learned the strategies, he could become independent on his own. Patti also helped my son with his successful application to become a Peer Group leader. This opportunity has been very positive for my child and has provided a way for him to show leadership.

I highly recommend Patti as a college consultant and writing coach! Students work directly with Patti to brainstorm essays and revise their drafts learning skills and techniques that will benefit them in college. My son’s test scores and grades improved significantly along with his confidence. I now realize how important it is to get professional help for the college admissions process. My son probably would not have gotten into his top choices without Patti’s assistance all along the way.  He got into more colleges than anticipated!

Patti is always available to answer questions and help. She collaborated well with me to stay on top of applications. I could lean on Patti for advice and insights to the college admissions process. Patti is very knowledgable, organized, and makes the kids feel so comfortable working with her. Again, Patti was amazing at assisting my child in writing his college application essays, which helped him get into some of the top choice schools.

Thank you so much for all your help, Patti!!!”

                                                                        Tracy L. (Parent)

“Patti Schabinger has provided invaluable academic support resulting in my daughter having a successful academic career despite struggling with significant reading and writing deficiencies.”

“I think what impresses me the most about Patti is her genuine love for learning; both as a student in her own life-long learning experiences and as a teacher in her enthusiasm for passing on her knowledge with multi-sensory instruction. As a tutor, Patti has instructed my daughter in a variety of academic areas.  Patti has a special fondness for history and geography and provides fabulous material related to both subjects.”

“Homework which involves writing has been aided by Patti’s great suggestions for organizational structure-composing topic sentences with supporting details. .......Advice on focus, time management, organization of material, and student/teacher rapport has contributed to my daughter’s overall academic success. ...... Patti is organized, efficient, and extremely competent.  Patti’s caring and pleasant personality make it a joy to bring my daughter to her tutoring sessions.  I recommend without reservation Patti as a private tutor.”   


                                     Susan G.

“Patti Schabinger has helped my daughter grow into a very comfortable, confident teenager and student........  My daughter had difficulties organizing herself in her personal life and suffered great stress with her academic work. Patti taught her ways of organization that apply to daily life as well as methodical steps for completing academic work.”

“Patti is a calm, caring person who has the ability to connect with each of her students.  Every session is highlighted with learning about special objects, maps, pictures, articles, etc.  These things Patti has collected on her travels around the world.  Breaking up her lesson with different highlights like this and, being able to connect with the students, keeps them interested and wanting to go learn from Patti.”

“Again, I only have wonderful things to say about Patti and I would highly recommend her to any parent looking for a (executive functioning specialist) tutor for their child.”     

                                      Lora P.

        “Patricia Schabinger has been working with my son for almost three years and I couldn’t be more pleased with the care and attention she has provided him.  My son was diagnosed with ADD and learning disabilities involving speech and reading, all by the time he was in second grade.  He had reading and speech tutors while in school, and a private tutor outside of school.  Unfortunately, the tutors made him feel like he was stupid, and a failure at school.  He started to hate reading and writing, and having to go to anyone for help whether it was his teacher or tutors.”

           “When I started bringing him to Patricia Schabinger for private tutoring, she first reviewed all the diagnostic testing results we had for my son, as well as schoolwork that he had previously completed.  After that and periodically, she did some testing of her own to see where he was at and where to start focusing assistance. Mutual goals were discussed and established, and changed as my son’s needs changed.  Because she was always praising his efforts, progress, and hard work, his self esteem really improved.  He sees that having a tutor is not a punishment, but rather someone who is there to help him.  His grades improved across the board, and he was on ‘A Honor Roll’ all through this year in sixth grade.”

            “One of my son’s biggest areas of difficulty is Executive Function.  Patricia attended many seminars and purchased new tools, to help my son work on this area.  They put together a reference binder that he has used many times during sixth grade. She is always providing me with written resources and web sites that focus on areas that I am trying to help my son with.”

           “ My son had a period of extreme school anxiety for several months, during sixth grade.  After sharing this with Patricia, she once again adapted her time with him to really help him develop strategies for coping with his anxiety attacks.  She also provided me with reading materials that explained the anxiety and coping strategies that can be tried.  As his anxiety often centered on finishing his homework and projects, she helped him utilize strategies he was learning, to work through the material.”

            “Whenever I called Patricia, when we had a ‘homework crisis’ moment at home, she was willing and able to help us get through it.  She would often incorporate the ‘issue’ next time she worked with him. She always offered to work with his teachers on any directions they suggested.”

            “Patricia Schabinger clearly has the academic and professional knowledge and skills needed to tutor my son.  She continually is learning more, and sharing that with my son and me.  What I think is most special, is that she treats my son as a whole person.  She helps him with schoolwork, etc., but she always worked to help him feel good and confident about himself.  This is invaluable! He never received that from other tutors he had worked with.  She will always have a special place in our hearts.  I would strongly recommend Patricia Schabinger to anyone looking to help their child through the trials of school and disabilities.”


                                 Laura M.

“Patti Schabinger served as a primary teacher and a Learning Disabilities teacher in Highland Park, Illinois.  This writer had the privilege of being her supervising principal for about ten of those years.  Through sound pedagogy, empathy, and hard work, Mrs. Schabinger distinguished herself as one of the finest educators in the school system.”

“Mrs. Schabinger combined a gentle, caring teaching style with meticulous planning and preparation.  She geared lessons to the needs, abilities, and interests of her students.  Enthusiastically, she participated in professional growth activities that improved teaching and learning.  Scores of parents praised her teaching with phone calls, letters, and other demonstrations of satisfaction and appreciation.  After teaching about six years at the primary level, she pursued an advanced degree in Learning Disabilities.  She used her classroom experience and her newly acquired expertise in this field to work in this area before raising her family.”

“Over the past twenty years Mrs. Schabinger has grown as a professional in the field of Special Education.  She continues to tutor students at the K-12 level.  Her tutoring practice is thriving because she has retained the skills that she developed as a classroom teacher: Careful planning, student focus, continuous improvement, two-way communication with clients.  She continues to improve her skills through participation in professional seminars and workshop.  Since her knowledge and experience is extensive, she has been asked to develop and present programs for professional meetings.”

“Patti is a compassionate and grounded individual.  In addition to being a devoted mother and wife she volunteers at school, church, and for a children’s cancer organization.  She was an excellent teacher, is a top-notch tutor, and will be successful in whatever endeavor she undertakes in the future.”

“Mrs.  Schabinger deserves the highest recommendation possible for a teacher and tutor.”                                 

                                     Dr. AES



“I have been a student of Mrs. Schabinger for most of my school career.  She has helped me in so many ways in both achieving academic success and insuring me a great college future.  I used Patti for catching up in middle school, helping me organize, studying for tests, improving my ACT score by 12 POINTS, and helping me find a college that I can call home for me the next four years.  She has been one of my greatest resources throughout my educational career and is more than qualified to help any student in need of academic aid.  I highly recommend Patti Schabinger to anyone who wants assistance with school and help to find a college a student can call home.”


                                                        Sean M. (High School Senior)

“I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Patricia Schabinger. I have known Patti since 1996 and have had numerous opportunities through personal and shared volunteer experiences to observe her character and personal strengths.  Patti embodies many desirable virtues, most notably integrity, patience, caring, and a strong work ethic which all provide a good foundation for her professional pursuits in the area of professional development and education.”

“Patti and I have served for more than a decade on the Board of Directors of For All The Children, a volunteer organization in the North Shore community serving the needs of children and families who face catastrophic illness.  Through those activities, I have observed Patti’s extraordinary organizational and planning skills, leadership abilities, and ability to mentor junior members as they learned about the organization and took on new roles.  Patti shares her wisdom and experience with a genuine warmth and positive energy that inspires others to take on new challenges.”

“Patti is a continuous learner and her curiosity and passion for life and her ability to nurture the relationships around her provide a natural inclination to succeed in the career she has chosen to pursue.” “ Patti gives generously of herself and I have every reason to believe that she would be a wonderful mentor, teacher, and tutor to those special individuals with whom she works.”

                                         Carole F.

Patti Schabinger, M.Ed.

Certified Learning Specialist and Teacher

Independent Educational Consultant


North Shore and Suburban Chicago

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