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Patti Schabinger, M.Ed.

College Planning, Search, and Admissions

Certified Learning Specialist, Academic Coach


North Shore and Suburban Chicago

College Test Prep                        Patti Schabinger, M. Ed.

                                                                             Certified Learning Specialist

                                                                             Educational Consultant


A comprehensive tutorial of strategies is offered for all subtests: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing. English rules, important math formulas, and an overview of each test provide essential background information. Practice test questions are analyzed and reviewed. Computer activities reinforce grammar skills, math knowledge, reading, and vocabulary. Scores and confidence increase as students become familiar with test content and tips. Specific strategies to reduce test day anxiety encourage students’ achievements.

Timing and pacing are addressed along with the suggested time frame for test dates. Extensive reference materials provide opportunities for home review.  Speed reading, increased reading comprehension techniques, and learning strategies assist students in their desire to improve scores. Explanation of the test dynamics is included; details of the content tested, test structure, interpretation of scores, and what to expect on the test day are thoroughly discussed. The number of sessions is flexible depending on the intensity of instruction needed.



Vocabulary lists, math formulas, English rules, and memory tips are provided.  Sample test questions are reviewed and analyzed. Online games and activities include grammar quizzes, picture vocabulary cards, vocabulary flashcards for printing, activities for math, a systematic program to increase reading speed/reading comprehension, and practice test questions. Discussion of how these tests may be used by colleges for entrance decisions and scholarship funds enhances awareness. Reference materials engage students and supply reinforcement.

Reviewing the test structure, content, and how the SAT compares to the ACT assists students and parents to make educated college decisions. SAT subject tests are sometimes required of very competitive schools. Information and strategies can be applied to many of these tests as well.

“Patti worked hard to help me find techniques and methods I was comfortable using on the ACT English and reading sections.  As a result, my English score saw a four (4) point increase and my reading section saw a ten (10) point increase.  In addition, Paul helped me increase my math score four (4) points and my science score four (4) points as well.  Both Patti and Paul worked extensively to help me feel prepared and comfortable while taking my last ACT.  I was very pleased with the results!”


                                                               Christopher H. (Rising High School Senior)

“Our son tried studying for his first ACT on his own, but was disappointed with his score.  Luckily someone recommended Patti and Paul as tutors, and we could not have been happier. 

Their warm and nurturing style coupled with their outstanding teaching techniques were exactly what our son needed.  Not only did his math grades and overall confidence improve at school, but his ACT composite score jumped six (6) points while working with them.  Amazing!”


                                                                                             Bob P. (Parent)

“Patti and Paul Schabinger’s ACT tutoring offers a huge benefit. While there is an expense, scholarship opportunities far outweigh the cost and tremendously impact financial aid. Paul was able to increase my science score to a perfect 36 and my math score to a near perfect 35. I also increased my reading and English scores significantly. The advantage of a high ACT composite score also changes the idea of a reach school to a target which is huge.  I cannot thank them enough!“

                                                                     Steven D. (High School Senior)

“Patti helped me with focusing on English and reading.  She also helped me review basic mathematical equations and scientific methods of reasoning. Patti was willing to put in time that fit my schedule.  My ACT composite score improved eight points after reviewing the plethora of materials Patti had available and taking practice tests.  I couldn’t be more pleased!”


                                                                   J.S. ( High School Junior)

“ Our son is going to University of Massachusetts which was his first choice!  He was accepted into the very competitive sports management program housed in their business school.  It’s probably the best program in the country, so he is very excited and we are very proud of him.” 

“Suffice it to say, he couldn’t have done it without you, seriously.  You helped him not only prepare for the college entrance exams, but also really helped him with his history and English schoolwork junior year. Not once did we have to argue with him about going to see you.   So, thanks for all you did to prepare him for the next phase in his journey.”  

                                                                Kathy W. (Parent)

“Patti was the gateway to my success with my ACT. Every sheet she gave me to help me learn was filled with beneficial knowledge which led to my end result and score.  I could not have done it without Patti’s motivation and stylistic techniques to learning, practicing, and achieving the ACT. 

Every time I walked into a session with Patti I knew how much progress I was making, and at the end of 60 minutes I walked out with an optimistic feeling of security and new knowledge.  Patti is inspirational and makes one strive to learn.  Her passion and teachings bring out the success and potential in others.”


                                                                             Lauren S. (High School Junior)

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