Why hire an Educational consultant?

  1.    Knowledgable Consultants help parents and students maneuver through the complexities of college admissions

  2.     Increased options for colleges that include Target, reach, and safety choices

  3.     Widen knowledge base of colleges that match your preferences, interests, and skill level.

  4.     Data on what individual colleges are looking for in candidates

  5.     current trends and tips for admissions

  6.     Explore Majors, class requirements, and career options

  7.     Set up a schedule for  applications, tests, recommendations, essays, and meeting deadlines

  8.     advice on obtaining recommendations

  9.     Interview essentials

  10.     How to plan effective campus visits

  11.     information on scholarships and college costs

  12.     Increase chances for a best college match

  13.    Increase probability of graduating in four years, saving money and time

  14.     students enroll in an appropriate college with less chance of transferring to a different college or school within the university

  15.     Advance planning and time management Decreases stress for students, parents, and families and increases opportunities for successful matches

How do You Select a highly qualified Consultant?

  1. 1. Education and Experience - A consultant should have  advanced training related to education or counseling. consultants keep current on college trends by attending  conferences, Summer institute(s), webinars, and meetings to learn from experts in the field.  Continued Professional development is essential to keep up with changes in college admissions, Education, and research. 

  2. 2. CAmpus visits - A consultant should regularly visit college campuses, attend information sessions, tour colleges, and interact with admissions officers at college fairs, meetings, and on campus.

  3. 3. Integrity - Highly Qualified Consultants do not accept compensation from a college or other institution in exchange for guaranteeing placement.  Consultants should strive to find the best match for the student and not make unrealistic promises.  REducing stress for students and parents is an integral part of the college planning process

  4. 4. Meeting needs of individual students - Care should be taken to select colleges that support the interests, preferences, and abilities of students. Expertise should be evident when assisting students with special needs such as learning differences, attention issues, anxiety, or gifted individuals.

  5. 5.  dedicated and professional- commitment to students’ well being is the motivating force for highly qualified consultants.  Students are empowered to learn about good options for college selection based on what works best for their specific learning style, interests, and needs.  membership in professional organizations translates to knowledge and expertise when the consultant attends conferences and participates in workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

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