Executive Functioning Skills


Executive functions are control processes in the brain that involve:    

                                                     goal setting











                                               problem solving

                                             using feedback



When one or more of these areas is deficient, it can adversely affect one’s personal and academic success.

Strategies can be learned to increase proficiency in executive functioning skills promoting learning, reducing stressors and anxiety, and increasing self-esteem.

Professional training through participation in workshops, attendance at conferences, reviewing research, and continual reading of current information on the topic provide a strong basis for instruction. Methods include information from Rush Neurobehavioral Center/Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois.

This essential set of skills impacts every aspect of an individual’s life.  Direct instruction enables students to improve their ability to function in today’s busy, complex world and to plan for a future full of promise.

“I wanted to say thanks for teaching me these study skills.  Patti is great at what she does.  I shall procrastinate no more.  Thank you!  You saved me from my personal paper swamp of disorganization.”

                                                          A.  (high school student)

Patti Schabinger, M.Ed.

Independent Educational Consultant

   Certified Learning Specialist and Teacher

Academic Coach


   North Shore and Suburban Chicago

“Organization reduces chaos, stress, and anxiety”

“Patti can handle gifted students with learning disabilities. She understands and acknowledges their frustration with Executive Functioning, while at the same time showing them tools to use so her students can capitalize on the gifts they possess but can’t always access.”

                                                                                       Susan Steel (parent)

“ I can’t believe how much was accomplished in an hour.”

“ I love the colored filing system with the bin under the desk!” 

                                                                                       K.K. (parent)

“My daughter had difficulties organizing herself in her personal life and suffered great stress with her academic work.  Patti taught her ways of organization that apply to daily life as well as methodical steps for completing her academic work.” 

“Again, I only have wonderful things to say about Patti and I would highly recommend her to any parent looking for a(executive functioning specialist) tutor for their child.”

                                                                                        Lora P. (parent)

“Patti brings a wealth of tools and methodologies aimed at helping kids stay organized and keep better track of the many moving parts associated with school and homework.  She is all about process, study skills, and strategies.  Patti has well-oiled support tools which apply well to school.   I highly recommend Patti Schabinger!”

                                                                               Mitch R. (parent)

“Begin with the end

  in mind.”

    Stephen Covey

“A goal is a dream  

  with a deadline.”

     Napoleon Hill

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“Out of clutter, find simplicity; From discord, find harmony; In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity. “

                   ~ Albert Einstein