College Planning


“Dear Patti,

I really want to begin by first saying thank you for all that you have done for me.  You truly are an incredible mentor, a very intelligent woman, and a passionate leader.  I feel honored to have been graced by your presence. Before we started working together, I didn’t know anything about the college process. Furthermore, I didn’t know much about myself. I was accepted into the Honors College at Ohio State and then received the Presidential Scholarship at the University of Miami.

You have helped me grow into my confident skin. You have inspired me more than I could ever put into words. Thank you again for being an incredible role model, Patti. Your grace and compassion is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.  I am eternally grateful for you.”

                                                               ~  Kendall K. (high school senior)


“Hey Patti!  Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me-I feel so prepared for college :)”   

    “The Patti Experience:   I worked with Patti for almost a year, and in that time I learned more about organization, preparation, and executive functioning skills than in all my 15 years of school.  Patti showed me a number of proven efficient ways to structure my notes,  study space, schedule, and even my papers (including my college essay, which, when told I was accepted to 2 of my schools, I was told it was “fantastic” and “enthralling”, needless to say I was psyched!), and I would try each method out until we found what worked best for me: Colors, pictures, and stories.  Sounds like it’s for a child, but who wouldn’t want to do things like a kid again!

     Patti was also always very understanding of my hectic schedule and always did whatever was in her power to accommodate me, such as seeing me late the night before she was traveling or trying to find a different time on short notice. I am now off to college feeling ready, prepared, and excited, with a great part of that being due to Patti, who gave me books on colleges, majors, and career opportunities, told me things from her and her family’s experiences, and clued me in on some great secrets to succeeding both academically and socially. To put this simply, there is nothing quite like the Patti Experience, and I would recommend her as a tutor to anyone I meet.” 

   “THANK YOU PATTI! ”              

                                         ~ Sarah S.   (college freshman)

“I was overwhelmed by the college process, and I felt I needed help creating a strong essay.  The common application concerned and intimidated me as I was unsure how to best answer the questions and present myself in a fashion that would be attractive to the colleges I desired. By working with Patti, I improved my ACT score and crafted a unique application that allowed me to get into my first choice, New York University.  Through repetitive exercises, I gained confidence and enhanced my results. Patti taught me how to present my best self in my personal essays.  I am very grateful for all the assistance Patti gave me throughout the stressful process.  I highly recommend Patti as a college consultant and educational coach!” 


                                                           ~ Taya P. (high school senior)

Patti Schabinger has demonstrated a multitude of both academic mastery and cognitive insights as she helped our son navigate the college application and selection process. At the outset of our son’s junior year, Patti quickly identified his academic strengths and weaknesses, and how he would best respond to her tutelage. A conscientious and hardworking student, our son; nevertheless, has occasional bouts of anxiety that can interfere with his studies. Patti not only expertly found the best avenues for his success, she knew exactly how to encourage and coach him when a task seemed insurmountable. Her communication with us over the course of our work together was thorough, specific and timely.

As our son’s sessions with Patti moved toward practice tests for the ACT and other more specific preparation, her husband Paul interceded to assist in academic areas that were particularly challenging. By the time our son’s junior year was near its end, Patti had established for him an organized plan in regards to college tests, applications and a diverse set of options for in-person visits. 

Patti continued to fine-tune our son’s application and selection process as his senior year progressed. Her additional insights provided him with college options that not only aligned with his academic goals and dreams, but schools that fit his demeanor. Our son applied to and visited nearly all the campuses that Patti suggested, and her particular appreciation of him led to his selection of a school that has us all thrilled for his future.

Thank you so much, Patti, from all of us!”

                                                                 ~Tom C. (Father of a high school senior)

“Dear Patti,

Thank you SO much for everything you did to help me get where I am.  As you might have heard, I am attending Michigan State University next year for Technical Theater.  I also was just recently awarded a $500.00 memorial scholarship for my contribution in theater.  THANK YOU for your help on the ACT, as well as literally ANYTHING I needed.  I still use a lot of what you taught me!  THANKS AGAIN!”  

                                                             ~ Andrew K. (high school senior)

The assistance provided by College Comprehensive Consulting was invaluable for our children’s success. Despite being high achieving in academics and athletics on their own accord, our sons had a difficult time navigating through the college preparation and decision-making process.

Patti guided our boys through standardized test preparation and selection of colleges based on their interests of academic majors and sports participation.

Our sons achieved (composite scores) 35 and 36 respectively on the ACT with Patti’s coached strategies.  Patti was a tremendous help with essay writing. We were very impressed with how often she attends conferences and visits with university officials on that very subject. We would fully endorse Patti Schabinger to help any child or family navigate the difficult process of college admissions - her assistance was phenomenal.

                                                              ~ Mr. and Mrs. C.

“Thank you, Ms. Schabinger!  I really want to thank you for all your help in the college process, you made it a lot easier!  Thanks again!”

                                                            ~ M.M. (high school senior)

With Patti’s help, I got accepted into all eight of my colleges!

My essays helped me stand out among other applicants.

Patti’s college planning website helped me de-stress and

organize my ideas of schools. Patti set goals, which helped

me make sure I felt prepared and ready before deadlines.

I always felt like I was always ready way before things were due.

Patti helped me feel calm during the stressful process, and I

would highly recommend her!

                                                           S.P. (high school senior)


College Planning  Navigate through the high school years, test prep, college options explained, help finding the right college, assistance with applications and essays, timelines and deadlines, strategies to ease the transition, choosing a major, college visits, interviews for admission and internships, financial aid information, essential study skills, and other support through the process.

“Applying for colleges can be extremely stressful, and I honestly do not think I could’ve made it through the entire application process without this help.  There are so many essays to write, and sometimes I didn’t even know where to start, but when I went in for help, both of us thinking together, I created amazing essays! ”

“Also, when going through the searching process, any questions I had, Patti had the answer to, with sheets of information and knowledge of colleges and websites. On my way to University of Colorado at Boulder in the fall, and I couldn’t have done it without Patti!   Thanks again! ”

                                                              ~ Leanna   (high school senior)               


Educational Consultant - Colleges/Universities where my students have

been admitted include:

Alabama (University of), (Engineering)

American University (Undergraduate, School of Law)

Arizona (University of)

Arizona State University (School of Law)

Auburn University

Augustana College

Ball State University

Bard College

Beacon College

Bradley University

Bryn Mawr College

Butler University (Business, Engineering)

California (University of), Irvine (School of Law)

Calvin College

Carnegie Mellon  (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Carroll University, Wisconsin

Carthage College

Case Western University (Undergraduate, School of Law)

Champlain College

Chicago (University of)

Claremont Graduate University (MBA)

Colorado College

Colorado State University

Colorado (University of), Boulder

Columbia College, Chicago

Dayton, (University of)

Denver (University of) (Undergraduate, MBA, School of Law)

DePaul University (Undergrad, School of Law)

De Pauw University

Drake University

Eckerd College

Elmhurst College

Furman University

George Mason University (School of Nursing)

George Washington University

Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

High Point University

Hofstra University

Humboldt State University

Illinois Institute of Technology-Kent (School of Law)

Illinois State University, Bloomington/Normal

Illinois (University of), Champaign/Urbana (Undergrad, Graduate, Law)

Illinois (University of), Chicago (Undergraduate, Business, Engineering)

Indiana University, Bloomington (Undergraduate, Kelley School of   

   Business, Honors, Graduate, Maurer School of Law) 

Iowa (University of) (Engineering)

Iowa State University

Ithaca College

John Marshall School of Law - Distinguished Scholar

Kansas (University of)

Kendall College

Lake Forest College

Landmark College

Loyola University, Chicago (Undergrad, Masters, School of Law)

Loyola Marymount University (CA) (School of Law)

Marquette University, Milwaukee (Undergrad, School of Law)

Massachusetts (University of), Amherst (Undergraduate, School of


Miami of Ohio, Oxford (Presidential Scholar, Engineering)

Michigan State University

Michigan (University of), Ann Arbor (Engineering, Physics)

Minnesota (University of) (School of Law)

Mississippi (University of)

Missouri (University of), Columbia (Undergraduate, Journalism, Honors)

Montana (University of)

Mount Holyoke College

Muhlenberg College

New Hampshire (University of)

New York University (NYU) (School of Nursing)

Northwestern University, Evanston, Chicago (Undergraduate, School of Law)

Ohio State University (Honors Program, Engineering)

Pace University

Pepperdine University (School of Law)

Pittsburgh (University of) and School of Nursing

Pitzer College

Princeton University (Masters/PhD)

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Roosevelt University, Chicago

Rutgers University (PhD)

Southern California (University of) USC ( Undergraduate, Graduate, 


Southern Illinois University -Carbondale

St. Louis University

Stetson University

Tampa (University of)

Texas Christian University

Texas (University of), Austin

Tulane University

Vanderbilt University

Vermont (University of)

Wake Forest University

Washington (University of), Seattle (Masters/PhD)

Washington University, St. Louis (School of Law)

Wheaton College (MA)

Wisconsin (University of), La Crosse

Wisconsin (University of), Madison (Undergraduate, School of Law)

Wisconsin (University of), Whitewater

Professional Memberships:   

   IECA -  Independent Educational Consultants Association

                (Professional Member)

  HECA -  Higher Education Consultants Association

  IACAC - Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling

  CARR - Chicago Area Regional Representatives (Attend Annual College Fair)

   ACCA -  American College Counseling Association

   LDA -  Learning Disabilities Association of America

  PLD/SE -  Professionals in Learning Disabilities/Special Education

                 (Board Member - Co-chair Educational Therapists)

   CHADD -  Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

College Tours and Conferences:

            ~    Austin, Texas  IECA Conference  April 2018

                  Campus Visit: University of Texas Austin, St. Edwards

                  School Connections-Boarding School Admissions meetings

                  one-on-one with representatives

                  College Admissions sessions, College Fair

            ~    Long Beach, California  HECA Conference  June 2017

                  Campus Visit: California State University Long Beach

            ~    Denver, Colorado   IECA Conference  May 2017

                  Campus Visit:  Air Force Academy,  U.S. Olympic Training Center,

                  Naropa University, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado College,

                  Colorado School of Mines, University of Denver, University of           

                  Colorado Denver, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical       


            ~    IACAC Conference Itasca, Illinois April 2017

                  Breakout Sessions Attended - Engineering Majors, Pre-Med             

                  Majors, Law School Admissions, Big Ten Universities, Demonstrated

                  Interest, ACT Update,   Performing Arts/Theater, Transfer

                 Students,  Naviance, Common Applications, SAT administration,

                  Scholarships, Highly Selective Admissions

            ~    Southern California College Tours February 2017 Laguna College

                  of  Art and Design (Laguna Beach), Chapman University,

                  University of California San Diego, University of San Diego

             ~   Boston, Massachusetts IECA Conference May 2016

                  Campus Visits: Smith College, Wellesley College, Franklin W. Olin

                  College of Engineering, Babson College, Tufts University, Brandeis

                  University, Bentley University, Boston University


            ~    Southern California  February 2016

                  Campus Visits: Chapman University(Law School), UCLA

                  University of California Los Angeles (Law School),         

                   University of Redlands, University of Southern California

                   (Law School), UC Irvine (Law School)     

            ~   Washington D.C. March 2016

                  Campus Visits:  American University, Georgetown University,

                  George Washington University

           ~  Phoenix, Arizona  IECA Conference November 2015

                  Campus Visits:   University of Arizona and SALT program,

                  Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University,        

                  Thunderbird Global School of Management, Prescott College,

                  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

           ~   St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri October 2015

                   Campus Visits:   St. Louis University, Washington University,

                   University of Missouri-Columbia

           ~  Chicago, Illinois  Law Schools  August 2015

                   Loyola University

                   Illinois Institute of Technology Kent

          ~   Baltimore, Maryland  IECA Conference May 2015

                    Campus Visits: Johns Hopkins University, U.S. Naval 

                    Academy, St. John’s College, University of Baltimore,

                    University of Maryland, Stevenson University, Goucher



           ~  Northern California Tour (HECA) February 2015 and Southern


                   Campus Visits: Stanford University, University of California at

                   Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Chapman U., Mills College, California

                   College of the Arts, U. of San Francisco, Santa Clara    

                   University, Tradecraft 

         ~ International Learning Disabilities Association Conference

                February 2015  Chicago, Illinois

           ~   Chicago, Illinois    Campus Visits   February 2015

                    Columbia College, DePaul University, School of the Art  

                    Institute, Loyola University, Roosevelt University 

            ~ International CHADD Conference for Children and Adults

                with ADHD   November 2014   

        Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)

           Professional Member - Highly Qualified Network of School,

           Therapeutic, and College Consultants

    IECA Tours and Conferences:

            ~  Phoenix, Arizona IECA Conference - Fall 2015

               Campus Visits: University of Arizona and SALT program,

                Arizona State University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univer-

                sity, Prescott College, Thunderbird Global School of  Manage-    

                ment, Northern Arizona University

           ~  Baltimore, Maryland IECA Conference - Spring 2015

                Campus Visits: Johns Hopkins University, St. John’s College,

                Goucher College, University of Maryland, University of Baltimore,

                Stevenson University, U.S. Naval Academy

            ~  Ohio tour of LD support services on college campuses -

                 March 2014

              Campus Visits: Baldwin Wallace, Ohio Wesleyan, Denison,

                Case Western, Oberlin College

            ~  Indianapolis Conference - Spring 2014

                 Campus Visits : Xavier U., U. of Cincinnati, Indiana U., DePauw

                 U., Rose Hulman, U. of Indianapolis

           ~  Orlando, Florida Conference - Fall 2014

                 Campus Visits : Eckerd College, Embry Riddle University,

                 Beacon College, University of Central Florida, Southern Florida

                 University, University of Tampa


            ~  Chicago Conference - Spring 2013

                 Campus Visits: Northwestern U., U. of Chicago,

                 Lake Forest College, Loyola University

             ~  San Diego Conference - Fall 2013

                 Campus Visits: UCLA, USC, Occidental, Cal-Tech, Loyola            

                 Marymount,  Marymount California University,  U. of San Diego,

                 University of California at San Diego

            ~  Boston Conference - Spring 2012  

                  Campus Visits: Wheaton College,  MIT-                               

                  Massachusetts Institute of Technology,                           

                  Providence College (Rhode Island), Tufts U.,

                  University of Massachusetts, Harvard University,

                  Northeastern University

            ~  Philadelphia area, Swarthmore College - July 2012

                  Summer Training Institute for College Consultants-IECA


                  Campus Visits: Swarthmore College, Haverford College,

                  University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Bryn Mawr,


            ~  Boarding school tour - Fall 2012 in New York, Connecticut,

                  Massachusetts, Vermont


           ~  Atlanta Conference - Fall 2012

                 Campus Visits: Georgia Tech, Georgia State University,

                  Agnes Scott College, Spelman College, Emory University,

                  Emory University at Oxford

          Spain - Fall 2012  Tour Colleges in Madrid, Seville, Granada

          College planning, College searches, Application completion,

          Essay assistance, and  Interview strategies

            Working with high school students - sixteen years

          Liaison for college admissions officers and students in the

              college guidance department at a local high school - Ten years

           Instructor “I Got In!”-  Class on Interviewing Techniques & Tips


          Attend college meetings at high schools, college fairs, and on            

              campuses Comprehensive and current information

           Campus visits to colleges across the country/ College Tours

               Over 100 colleges    


             Supervisor/Proctor for A.P. tests, ACT exams - Glenbrook South

                High School

               Extensive Test Prep experience and knowledge

             Mother of three adult and teenage sons

               Personal family experience navigating through college and        

               graduate schools: M.S., M.A., MBA, M.D., Ph.D, JD programs



             Educational Placement Counseling offers assistance for parents

              and students to help them narrow down postsecondary educational

              choices and simplify the application process. Through detailed            

              questioning, presentation of college data, and other insights into

              public and private universities/colleges, students are able to make

              informed selections for their future educational path.

                     Standardized tests such as the PLAN, PSAT, ACT, SAT, SAT ll

               subject tests, and A.P. exams can be reviewed for their importance

               and their role in admissions. Essays, personal statements, inter-

               views, campus visits, housing, and financial aid are topics covered

               in discussions. Handouts and college materials clarify numerous


             Extensive research, comprehensive and current college

              materials, as well as college handbooks/guides assist the



            College resources for students with Learning Disabilities

              and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) are available. Summer    

              programs can be explored. Different levels of support at colleges and

              the differences between accommodations in high school and college

              may be explored.

                Current topics from workshops, conferences, and

              meetings are shared including postsecondary choices for students

              with special needs, finding the fit, financial aid, college visits,

              college interviews, college essays, college applications, making    

              a smooth transition from high school to college, and study skills

              for college students.


                                            Patti Schabinger, M.Ed.

                                   Independent Educational Consultant

                    College Planning, Search, and Application Assistance

                                 Certified Learning Specialist and Teacher


                                     North Shore and Suburban Chicago    


“I dwell in possibility.”

        ~ Emily Dickinson

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