Academic Tutoring

“The mind is everything; what you think, you become”


Academic coaching services offered by Patti Schabinger aim to encompass the needs of the whole individual. Planning and teaching may include academic support or enrichment, executive functioning skills, test prep, and/or specific study skills. Social, emotional, and behavioral aspects are also addressed. Learning strategies are incorporated into multi-sensory lessons presented in a positive, supportive environment.

Training and materials include:

        ACT/SAT  Test Prep materials and strategies

           High School Admission/Placement Tests

              Graduate School Admission Test (GRE)

    Wilson Reading System

                                   Slant Reading System

       Great Leaps Reading - Fluency

                                                  Really Great Reading

     Hands on English with Linking    

      Blocks (grammar, sentence structure)

     University of Kansas Learning

     Strategies Curriculum - Writing: Sentences,

     Paragraphs, Essays/Themes; Essay Tests,                

     Grammar, Study Skills, COPS,

     LINCS Vocabulary, Possible Selves,

     Paraphrasing/Summarizing, Test-Taking,

     Listening/Note-Taking, Editing,

     Self-Advocacy Learning Strategies

  Executive Functioning Skills Curriculum

  Study Skills/Organization/Time Management

              Six Traits Writing Program

                                 Touch Math

     CLSO Math (Concepts, Language, 

        Symbols, Operations)- Visual Scaffolding

               H.E.L.P. series (Handbook of    

                 Exercises for Language Processing)

    Specific Skills Series - Reading Comprehension

                         Vocabulary development for all ages


      Geography Maps and Artifacts for Social     

        Studies and Science

                  Social Thinking Resources and Materials

     Strategies for Behavioral/Emotional Support

        and Growth



Patti Schabinger, M.Ed.

   Independent Educational Consultant

   Certified Learning Specialist and Teacher

College Planning, Search, Essay Assistance

North Shore and Suburban Chicago

“Patti helped me get straight A’s for the first time in my life. She is very patient and organized during tutoring.”

                                                            Holly H.

                                                        college junior

“Patti Schabinger has provided invaluable academic support resulting in my daughter having a successful academic career despite struggling with significant reading and writing deficiencies.”       Susan G.

“My son’s grades improved across the board and he was on ‘A Honor Roll’ all through this year in sixth grade.  What I think is most special, is that she treats my son as a whole person. She helps him with schoolwork etc., but Patti always worked to help him feel good and confident about himself.  This is invaluable!”         Laura M.

*****  Patti Schabinger is in the top 1% in the U.S.A. of Endorsed Tutors on LinkedIn

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Patti not only brought me from a B to an A student in writing, but she gave me so much confidence in my writing ability. When I write papers now, I think about what I learned with

Patti about sentence structure, grammar, and how to write a good paper. Patti helped me tweak my essays. I wrote an English paper on my own that not only received a 100%, but the teacher asked to use it as a model for future students.

                                                                                                Jeff L. (high school senior)