About Me


Patricia (Patti) Schabinger,  M. Ed.

Independent Educational Consultant

   College Planning, Search, and Application Assistance

     Certified Learning Specialist, Certified Teacher


                   North Shore and Suburban Chicago

Professional Background and Experience

                M.A.   Special Education, Concentration in Learning Disabilities -

                           summa cum laude (highest honors)

                B.S.    Elementary Education - summa cum laude (highest honors)

        Teaching Certificate Endorsements      

                Standard Elementary Teaching

                        Self Contained General Education    Kindergarten to Grade 9

                        Learning Behavior Specialist    Preschool to Grade 9

                        Learning Disabilities    Preschool to Grade 9

                Standard Secondary Teaching    Grade 6 to Grade 12

                        Learning Behavior Specialist     Grade 6 to Age 21

                        Learning Disabilities     Grade 6 to Age 21

         Private Academic Coach, Learning and Behavior Specialist,

         Educational Therapist, ADHD Coach, and Educational Consultant         

         Elementary - College Students, Adults                                   Over 25 Years


         College Planner and Consultant - Guiding Families and Students to Find the

         Best College Match: College Search, Essay Assistance, Applications, Interviews

                                                                                                                       20 Years

         Self-Contained L.D. Resource Room Kindergarten to Grade 5,  Three Years

                           Learning Differences such as ADHD -Testing and Remediation 

        Classroom Teacher  Regular Education, Elementary Grades, and Multi-Age

                                                                                 Eight Years    


                    Enrichment and Remediation 


                        ●  Academic Support for All Grades through College

                        ●  College Searches, College Planning, College Applications

                        ●  Study Skills, Memory Strategies

                        ●  Vocabulary Development

                        ●  Visualization Techniques

                        ●  Learning Strategies

                        ●  Test Taking Strategies

                        ●  College Test Prep - ACT/SAT                      

                        ●  Executive Functioning Skills - Goal Setting, Planning, Prioritizing,

                            Organizing, Problem Solving, Pacing, Self-questioning, Sequencing,       

                            Initiating Tasks, Analyzing Whole to Part, Materials Management,

                            Inhibiting Impulses, Executing Tasks, Shifting, Generalizing,                          

                           Memory Strategies, Self-Monitoring, and Time Management

                        ●  Processing Skills                                                                                             

                        ●  Anxiety Issues

                        ●  Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

                        ●  Gifted, Honors, and Advanced Placement 

                        ●  Learning Differences, Dyslexia

                        ●  Social Thinking

                        ●  Special Needs            


    Trainer for Chicago Public School Teachers for Saturday Enrichment

          Academy - Teaching Reading Comprehension Skills to Students

    Academic Coaching and Consulting Experience includes students at        

          elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the Chicagoland area 


                 High Schools - Students attend New Trier,  Buffalo Grove, Lake Forest,

                 Glenbrook North, Glenbrook South, Deerfield, Highland Park, Stevenson,     

                 Woodlands Academy, North Shore Country Day School, Evanston,

                 Hinsdale, Roycemore, Niles North, Niles West, Hersey, Barrington, Notre        

                 Dame College Prep, Vernon Hills, Loyola Academy, Lake Forest Academy, 

                 Fenwick, Mundelein, Rochelle Zell Jewish High School, Laurel           

                 Springs - Accredited Online Private High School,                                                 

                 Lyons Township, Crystal Lake South, Oak Brook, Boylan Catholic High      

                 School, Libertyville, and Fremd High School



                Colleges - Students receiving academic or executive skills support attend         

                 colleges such as Butler University, Marquette University, Kendall College,

                 Colorado College, Lake Forest College,  University of Missouri,     

                 Loyola University, Roosevelt University, Indiana University, University

                 of Wisconsin - Madison, Milwaukee, Whitewater campuses, Case Western

                 University, Bryn Mawr College, University of Iowa, Truman State University,

                 and University of Michigan

  1. Professional Organizations                                                                                     Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), Associate Member

  2.     ~ College conferences, higher education webinars, college tours, educational consultants network advising on various college and school placements

  3. Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) - member

  4.     ~ Educational consultants network, college tours, higher education webinars


  6. Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling  (IACAC) - member

  7.     ~ Educational consultants network and college guidance topics

Professionals in Learning Disabilities/Special Education (PLD/SE) member over

25 years

  1. PLD Board Member(eight years) and Co-chair of Educational Therapists                        

  2. Participant in two practice study groups - discuss topics to keep current

  3. Attend speaker forums and yearly seminar 


Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD) -Attended 2014 Annual International Conference, current member

Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) - Attended 2015 Annual International Conference, current member

Illinois Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (IBIDA) (Past member- about 20 years)

International Reading Association (Past member)

Advisory Board Member (past member) SEABOARD (Special Education Advisory  Board) for ETA Cuisenaire - Product Design Consultant for Educational Teaching Aids

Board of Directors - Vice President (Founding Board Member) (past member)

Oil Lamp Theater, a non-profit professional theater in Glenview, Illinois

Other Volunteer/Community Service -

Hostess for visiting admissions officers at the Glenbrook North High School college guidance department to facilitate information sessions with students - ten years

For All The Children cancer service non-profit organization, active member 22 years:  Board positions- President three years, Philanthropy, Programs, Social Chair, Fundraising, Treasurer

Habitat For Humanity - New Orleans:  Help build new homes by leading a team of teen volunteers installing windows and building frames for houses

Rosebud Indian Reservation - Mission Trip to South Dakota:  teach children, paint outdoor structures, and work in food pantry

Educational Philosophy and Methods:

            As an Independent Educational Consultant and  Certified Learning Specialist, I strive to help students as they progress through school and into college or other postsecondary option keeping in mind their academic interests, needs, and preferences. My time with students who desire college planning focuses on determining the “best fit” for a college placement. Through continual professional development at conferences, campus visits, professional memberships, and by listening to speakers/webinars, I gain insights on current trends at colleges and how to help students make educated choices. Due to my growing knowledge of the expectations for achievement and enrollment, I can work with students to fill in gaps in their skills and develop strategies for success. Extensive planning, individualized lessons, and a multitude of resources engage my students and create lasting connections.  I encourage learning and promote self-esteem by providing a positive, supportive environment to foster progress. Communication with parents and working as a team helps to make a dynamic, effective process for college selection. Gifted students and students with learning differences may require special guidance, and I work to offer matches for these individuals according to their interests, ability levels, and extra support, if needed.

             A full range of reference materials, books, newsletters, and online programs provide information to families. To help students acquire necessary skills and strategies for continued success in school, I use a variety of teaching methods to promote learning. Students who would benefit from academic coaching or test prep, may wish to have lessons in English, reading, writing, social studies, math, and/or science to fill in gaps or extend learning to improve skills for high school and college. Students may create a reference binder for individualized subjects, interests and needs.

            ACT/SAT test prep, academic strategies, and Executive Functioning instruction are skills taught in a thorough, comprehensive program encompassing current best practice and research.  Multiple sensory approaches, detailed planning, and a plethora of materials encourage acquisition of knowledge and retention of strategies.  Middle school, high school, and college students often require study skills and time management strategies which are directly taught and interwoven into lessons.  Assignments are broken down into manageable chunks and planning techniques encourage efficient use of time. Executive skills help the brain to organize, set goals, plan, manage time, prioritize, shift flexibly, problem solve, self-question, and self-regulate. These executive functions can be taught and encourage lifelong habits leading to success in a chosen field.

            Frequent communication with other professionals helps to keep me current and knowledgeable about new trends and methods.  Attending conferences, seminars, and programs increases my ability to reach more students by adapting techniques to best suit an individual’s needs.  I love working with young adults to empower them to become successful lifelong learners as well as collaborating with professionals and parents to exchange ideas and strategies. My goal is to help students make a “best fit” college choice and to have the necessary tools to be successful in life.  I view each person as a unique individual as I strive to help them as they progress through their educational journey and into their adult life.                



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